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Theatre Director

Hi, I'm Keira, a Highlands-based  Theatre Director Writer Producer Artist

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About Me

Since Graduating in 2020 from the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland, I have worked with organisations such as the Highland Youth Arts Hub and Highland Pride producing and directing my own writing.

I am experienced in performing, directing and writing for the stage. My interests lie in queer, site-specific performance and verbatim theatre and the cross-section where theatre meets activism.

My goal is to make theatre accessible to all and I work towards de-centralising the arts industry in Scotland.


One of the ways in which I work towards achieving my goal is via a growing company I co-founded – Vivid Roots Collective. The company focuses on improving accessibility to work in the arts sector for emerging artists in the Highlands.

As the creative director for HYSTERIA, I support the company in defining the role of associate artist for current and future productions.

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I was one of the young artists involved in the Resurgence Project in 2021 with Scottish Youth Theatre.

The project involved interactive and immersive performance-based experiences, using art as a device to drive conversations for social change, driven by a belief that art has the power to approach socio-political ideas from a human perspective. The aim was to touch on sensitive subjects; not to preach or demonise a particular viewpoint, but to empower nuanced conversations.

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I’ve also worked as an Assistant Director with Dogstar Theatre Company in taking their 2022 show Nightlands to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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Nightlands Theatre Production
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More recently, I worked with the Surrogate Productions’ tour of Who Killed My Father, working in audience and artist engagement when it came to Eden Court Theatre in May 2023.

image credit to Surrogate Productions

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